The Company

Sudmaris Chile S.A. “Top Quality Seafood CHILE” is a privately owned company, dedicated to the farming, processing and export of frozen Chilean blue mussels ("Mytilus Chilensis") in all its formats.

One of our company’s main objectives is to provide our customers with a top quality product, strictly controlling every phase of the productive process ensuring complete traceability, but at the same time making these processes as flexible as possible enabling us to develop products that perfectly adapt to each customer’s requirements.

Europe Office

oficina europa

"Since 2014 Sudmaris has a sales office in Spain located in Pontevedra (Galicia) halfway between two major ports of entry of Chilean mussels to Europe. With this office the group aims to give greater coverage and closeness to its customers Europeans".


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Sector Hueñocoihue Rural S/N, Dalcahue, Chiloé, Chile. Telefono (+56) 65 2436 307

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